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Happy 200th Birthday!

Today is Charles Darwin's 200th birthday. I celebrated with a cupcake. Unfortunately, One of the side effects of being 200 hundred years old is that you are probably dead. Which, in Darwin's case, is probably a good thing as he didn't have to witness the circus that came to Dover, Colorado in 2005. Not the good kind of circus with elephants and popcorn either. The religious folk there decided that the kids in science class needed to hear that evolution isn't the only way that the earth and it's inhabitants came into being. They call this "science" Intelligent Design. This is simply creationism renamed and it has nothing to do with science.

They claim to have evidence and they can prove that what they say is true. The Discovery Institute has many long papers on the subject. Not sure what there is to talk about for so long since their answer for everything is simply, "God did it." Oh sorry, I mean an "Intelligent Designer did it." It seem…