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An Amaz!ng time was had by all

Last Sunday I came home from attending The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 in Las Vegas. I have been wanting to go to the JREF's annual skeptics convention for many years and can hardly believe that I actually got the chance to go. I spent most of the time awestruck and tongue-tied. The whole thing still seems surreal. I met so many fabulous like-minded people. The over 900 person attendance was the highest ever and it has been touted at the best TAM ever.

I think the conference was a catalyst for this blog. I just needed an outlet for my skeptical thoughts. Somewhere where I wouldn't be offending anyone and being called a cynic and bubble burster. Maybe I still am but I doubt many people will be reading this.

The speakers at TAM were fantastic and I feel that I learned a lot. The keynote speaker was an astrophysicist. How cool is that? So many intelligent, brilliant people can't be wrong. I was in awe of how they continue to try to teach critical thinking to the masses even though the o…

Another blog! Yeah, I didn't think it was that exciting either.

Well here I am, starting a blog. Where to begin? Don't expect much, I'm not the best writer, I'm not as elegant and witty and well-spoken as many of my counterparts, but I shall give it a go. I apologize in advance for my atrocious grammar. I guess I will start by explaining the title and a few things about myself.

I am a skeptic. I have embraced the skeptical mindset with a fervor and passion that I have not felt for anything else. I guess I've always been a skeptic, I just never gave it a whole lot of thought until a couple of years ago. That's when I found the JREF and Mr. James Randi. I started reading his weekly commentary and following links to all sites skeptical. I realized that society is sinking into superstition and nonsense seemed to be reigning supreme. Everywhere I looked, there was a crucial lack of critical thinking and real world consequences that just couldn't be ignored.

I get many responses to my skepticism. The most common and most frustratin…