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Bible camp goodness

I just read in our local paper that the Alliance church in Morinville wrapped up it's annual week long children's bible camp last Friday. Each year there is a different theme. This year's theme? Science.

Yeah, I'll just let the irony speak for itself.

The second wave of predator

This is a topic that makes me angry for many reasons. If believers don't listen to me about anything else, I wish they would at least agree with me on this one thing. In fact, just say the next sentence out loud as you read it. Psychics DO NOT help law enforcement agencies solve crimes. This is a big argument I get from those who believe in psychics. I really don't blame them actually. Through the media and shows like "Psychic Detectives" and "Medium", the public is wrongly led to believe that this practice is commonplace. In fact, when psychics try to get involved with investigations, they only serve to de-rail progress and cost valuable man hours in following false leads. They throw out generalities like "the body is near water" or "near rocks" or "I see a field" or maybe they attempt a more specific guess like "I see the number six". Then if the case is solved, there is the chance to retro-fit. Perhaps the body was…