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In a Paranormal State of Delusion

You hear strange noises in the middle of the night. You wake from a restless dream only to see an apparition staring at you from the foot of your bed. You feel a hand on your shoulder. What could be causing these mysterious and frightening things? You want to feel safe in your house but you can’t because you are obviously being harassed by evil entities hell bent on destroying your peace of mind and sanity. So who are you gonna call? The Paranormal Research Society of course. You can find this crack investigative team on A&E on Monday nights on a show called Paranormal State. The lead investigator, Ryan, had some scary experiences with the paranormal as a child (no details given) and he is now in search of answers. He has assembled a team and they now help people solve their own ghost mysteries.

There are two different types of paranormal investigators. The ones that use actual science to get to the truth such as Benjamin Radford and the ones (like the PRS) who use theatrics and us…