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Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus

This time of year is always a time of decision for me. Should I tell my daughter that Santa is real? I don't think I can. Maybe it's the skeptic in me but I just can't make myself lie to her. She is six this year and finally grasping what Santa is supposed to be and she is bombarded with who he is and what he does from TV, books and movies. But I also find it hard to come right out and tell her that none of it's true. Yeah, I'm a gutless flip-flopper. When she comes right out and asks me if Santa is real I counter her questions with questions of my own. "Do you think he's real?" So far she has answered yes but I hear the hesitation in her voice. She is growing into a fine skepchick in her own right and I'm convinced she has doubts. But just like a true believer she WANTS it to be true so she convinces herself that it is. I'm okay with that though, as she gets older and learns to think more for herself, she will be okay with letting the myth go…